Humans are the best designs god ever created. They are a perfect balance of what we consider as the design principles for any great creation i.e. Functional, Aesthetic, Commercial and Emotional. We at Humane Design strongly believe the human ethos and draw inspiration from humans and other elements of nature to design innovative solutions.

We have a strong belief system, driven by empathy, honesty and integrity. We will work towards what is right for our customers.

We take ownership and deliver excellence. If we take up the work, we will do our best to make it successful for our customers.

Our steps are bold; Our designs are futuristic and we are proud of showcasing them. We are eager to invent and pioneer for and with our customers.

We think business. For every design we create we think of the business value that it will create for our customer’s business.

Who we are

Humane Design is a design and innovation consulting firm specializing in the space of design thinking, innovation, business design, digital design, product and packaging design. We bring our designs to life by adding the right flavour of technology to it. We use our bespoke design and innovation methodology to help deliver solutions that add emotional and commercial value to our customers.

Humane Design is a dream seen by a diverse group of business and design professionals who are passionate about bringing a positive change in the life of customers and their businesses.

Our team comprises of people passed out from leading business and design schools and have experience of working with start-ups, SMBs and leading brands including the Big 4 of consulting world.
We strive to be the preferred choice for our customers in the space of design and innovation.

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Design thinkers

Ajay Aggarwal
Design Thinking and business strategy expert

Vishal Goyal
Communication design and technology expert

Nalin Pant
Business creativity expert

Neha Sharma
Process design expert