Designing a culture that lives innovation

Client Brief

This is the story of designing a culture of innovation in one of the big4 consulting firms. The key challenge being, designing and making the innovation culture survive in an audit and risk averse DNA.


Innovation culture blueprint

– Values (Deliver excellence to delight customers. Firm before, team before, self.)
– Leadership behaviours (Energise others, Lead by example etc.)
– Organizational climate (Each opinion matters and everyone is equally capable, Intent before result etc.)
– Reward & recognition framework

– Enabling processes and toolkits
– People capability and working design
– Opportunities to experiment

– Every innovation was tied to a revenue/ cost metric)


  • A team that believed in the culture of exploration, experimentation and evolution
  • 7 new products launched in 3 years with numerous failed experiments
  • 3 digit CAGR growth over 3 years
  • Average delivery excellence score of 4.5+ on 5