Oh God! - Bringing India closer to its roots

Client brief

“Hey Bhagwan / Yaa Allah / Satnam Shri Waheguru/ O Jesus“, we normally remember God when we are in crisis. However the new generation is getting away from the rich Indian values and culture.

The aim was to design a game that can offer insights into the attributes of Indian values and culture and also bring older generation and younger generation closer


  • Oh God ! – Your playful connection to god
  • Concept design
  • 1. Functional: Promote learning of Indian Mythology through a playful medium.
  • 2. Aesthetics: Attractive and appealing to people across age groups.
  • 3. Commercial: Affordable across various segments.
  • 4. Emotional: Driving respect and inclusion for religious beliefs and sentiments.
  • 5. Scalable: Possibility of translating in regional languages; expanding for other cultures and religions and converting into digital game.
  • Business model and launch strategy


  • The game was well appreciated during the test stages
  • Assessment of the impact will be measured post formal launch