Learning is the highest paying asset one must keep investing in. At Humane Design we firmly believe that constant learning has been a key building block of the evolution of human race. It is our constant endeavour to in design learning journeys that nudge mindsets, create skillsets and bring discipline. Our learning philosophy is based on the three pillars of Knowing-Doing-Being.


Design Thinking Orientation

Audience: Anyone who wants to get introduced to Design Thinking

Trigger: To get accustomed with the Design process and language

Duration: 2-4 hours

Design Thinking Proficient

Audience: Project leaders, Senior management

Trigger: To enable application oriented mindset, lead projects using Design Thinking approach

Duration: 8-16 hours

Innovation through Design Thinking – Specialist

Audience: Anyone who wants to become DT specialist

Trigger: To get cultural transformation in the organisation

Duration: 6 – 8 weeks

Mastering Design Thinking & Innovation

Audience: DT Proficients aiming for larger organisational changes

Trigger: To enhance design capability in the organisation

Duration: 4-6 months

Service Design Thinking

Audience: Project leaders, Senior management

Trigger: To transform / redesign end to end processes in the organisation, design new processes for service industries

Duration: 24 hours

Behavioral design and economics

Audience: Marketing professionals, Design professionals

Trigger: Looking to get deep understanding of human behavior and it’s impact on economic decisions

Duration: 16 hours

Creativity and innovation

Audience: Business leaders spanning across domains and industries

Trigger: To generate and execute out of the box ideas

Duration: 16 hours

Commerciali - zing innovation

Audience: Innovation professionals, Start up founders, Entrepreneurs

Trigger: Having a business idea and looking to scale it into a business model

Duration: 16 hours

The art of storytelling

Audience: Sales and Marketing professionals, Students

Trigger: To inspire and energize people
To learn an effective way of communication

Duration: 16 hours


Programs are carefully designed keeping in mind the roles of people and the target capability levels. We partner with the customer’s learning and business teams to design relevant learning journeys and then curate experiences that help build competencies to the desired capability level.

Needs exploration
We work with the leaders within your organization to identify the learning mission and the business needs driving the learning requirement and work with the participants to understand their learning objectives and styles

Design learning journeys
Our team works with our panel of experts to design tailored learning journeys that can help deliver to the individual’s and organization’s learning goals

Iterate to refine
We refine the journeys further by iterating it with your business leaders

Deliver and support experience
A dedicated program team works with you to deliver a world class learning experience. We also provide the necessary operational support to help maximize effectiveness of the program

Outcome debrief and impact
We do not stop with just delivering the program. We go a step ahead with program debrief and measuring impact of the program delivery.