Products are forgotten, experiences live forever! At Humane Design, we craft experiences that add four-dimensional value to our customers - Functional, Aesthetic, Commercial and Emotional. We also call it as the FACE of our designs.


We design futuristic digital experiences that inspire to act

Website/ mobile app design & development

Wireframing /

Our approach


Content management
system (CMS)

Hosting &

User experience research
Deep dive into the user’s life and understand latent behaviors and challenge scenarios.

User experience design
Ideate and sketch experience storyboards and rapidly test them to create moments of happiness.

User interface design
Design intuitive and visually appealing interfaces enhancing the elements like Theme, Layout, Typography, Iconography, Motion, Interaction etc.

User experience assessment
Assess existing digital interfaces as per the best practices and benchmark them with heuristic principles that drive human behavior and decision making.

We help design connected service experiences

Improve existing services

Connect the existing services
to their ecosystems

Customer centric organization

Simplify processes

Design new services

Our approach

Customer journey mapping
Understand and map the customer’s behavior patterns, to identify the interactions they have with the existing service (or they could have with the new service).

Touch points identification
Identify the touch points of these interactions and the channels through which the interactions are happening.
Points of friction as well as points of delight.

Front stage and back stage activities
Activities that are directly affecting the customer’s judgement of the service
Behind the scene activities that are indirectly responsible for the customer’s certain judgement of the service.

Processes that act as link between the customer and the service providers
Identify weak links and gaps in the internal process, that supports the service providers in delivering the service to the customer
Design a better end to end process improving the experience of the service providers as well as output to the customer.

We create loveable brands that deliver 360 (degree) experience

Brand Strategy

Brand guidelines and communications

Creative strategy


Identity design


Our approach

We explore the business, competitions, target audience and any existing branding, to understand the current brand scenario and challenges

We consolidate the brand’s purpose, core values, personality, positioning and vision for the future and device the overall brand strategy

The creation of a meaningful, memorable visual identity of the brand – a design system which goes far beyond the logo, a complete brand design

The compilation of the brand guidelines and the unveiling of the new brand to the world – in print, in digital, in motion