According to us, even today when there is so much being talked about digital and technology, business is still about ‘by humans, with humans, for humans’. Our approach to designing any business solution is taking a ‘360° Human-Centered’ approach to design and empower it with technology to make it accessible and scalable.


We help solve complex business problems in nimble creative ways

Customer research
Developing a deep understanding of customer’s life forms the starting point of designing a brand experience. HD’s design research methodology uses a combination of desk and ethnography research to get a ‘T’ shaped view of the customer.

Insights workshops
Observations made on the field become meaningful when framed as actionable insights. HD’s insights reframing toolkit help frame hypothesis and envision possibilities.

Creativity workshops
We believe, every person is creative. In HD’s creative labs, we create the right environment, nudges and tools that evoke creative ideas to solve complex business challenges.

Rapid prototyping workshops
An idea has no value unless brought to life. HD’s rapid prototyping expertise help convert ideas to tangible prototypes with continuous user feedback.

We help solve complex business problems in nimble creative ways

Business model/ case canvas and economics
Conceptualizing a model around the design is the starting point to envision possibilities of commercialization and validation.
HD’s commerciality toolkit helps navigate various commercial considerations and project the potential returns the design can bring in.

Commerciality screening
Before a design is landed into the market, a rigorous screening process helps refine the commercial considerations.
HD’s Real-Win-Worth it screening methodology helps reconsider commercial assumptions and make them more realistic.

Crafting stories that inspire
People don’t buy products/ services, people buy purpose.
HD purpose driven story framework helps crafting purpose driven stories around the designs.

We help solve complex business problems in nimble creative ways

Innovation benchmarking
Innovation benchmarking is the starting point of an organizations path to innovation. Our innovation benchmarking tool helps understand organization’s current state innovation maturity, against comprehensive indicators to offer actionable insights to business leaders.

Innovation process design and institutionalization
We make innovation system driven. Through our innovation process workshops, we offer a holistic approach to designing, developing and deploying an innovation management system that continually realizes value to attain the innovation vision.

Innovation toolkit design
We equip you to pursue innovation driven by structured methods and tools. We design customized innovation toolkits keeping in context the business. We help develop innovation toolkit masters through structured workshops.

People capability design & development
To nurture a culture that engages and empowers employees to be innovative, the organization needs people with mindset, skillset and discipline that drives innovation. We develop people competencies by designing customized learning journeys to bring sustainable behavior change and deliver impact through innovation projects.

Innovation measurement system design and implementation
We make innovation measurable. Our innovation measurement toolkit, helps measures the business impact of innovation projects and offers insights into efficiency of the innovation management system.